VetImpact is focused on developing research both internally and with partners on areas that support entrepreneurial endeavors and sustained economic development in post-conflict and emerging markets, including:

  • Market research on products and services to be sourced from or marketed to post-conflict and emerging markets;
  • Policy research exploring the supportive links between security and development;
  • Research on entrepreneurial ecosystem development and links to sustainable economic development.

We partner with organizations like the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, through their Veterans for Smart Power initiative, and the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum to advocate for veteran entrepreneurial endeavors.  In the near future we are seeking to work with organizations like Veterans In Global Leadership, the Atlantic Council, and various Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) to identify research fellows interested in supporting studies such as the the contributions of entrepreneurial activity to stabilization efforts, or the macro- and microeconomic effects of fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems on the long-term economic stability, diversification, and growth in post-conflict societies.       



Business War Games (BWG)

BWG's are our way of helping stress test companies operating in complex environments.  Utilizing similar concepts from military war games, we develop plausible scenarios to help companies think through contingencies, such as a degraded supply chain, or social/political instability that would affect capital markets and the flow of goods and services in certain areas where our clients operate.

post-conflict market analyses

We are seeking partners, specifically student-veterans pursuing an MBA or Strategic Studies degree, interested in pursuing research specifically related to economic development in post-conflict countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are interested in identifying market potential for new veteran-owned businesses or helping established businesses expand into new markets.   

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