Empowering veteran entrepreneurs to operate internationally in post-conflict and emerging markets, contributing to positive economic and social impacts at home and abroad.


VetImpact provides professional consulting, research, and education services that enable veteran entrepreneurs to develop and grow profitable and sustainable international businesses.


  • To utilize the power of entrepreneurship to support the livelihoods of veterans, their families and their employees, and empowering them to create jobs and improve economic conditions in post-conflict and emerging markets where instability is often traced to joblessness and poor economic conditions.
  • VetImpact will increase the number and impact of veteran-owned/operated international businesses to foster sustainable economic development at home and abroad.
  • VetImpact will lower barriers to entry into post-conflict and emerging markets by providing coordinated programs with established incubators and accelerators, research institutions, policy makers, and investors that offer companies access to pro bono business services, policy and business research, advocacy, and investment capital.